Bando per Workshop di progetto Istanbul. March 28th – April 04th 2020

Faculty of Architecture _ Sapienza University of Rome

TOBB ETU Department of Architecture _ University of Economics and Technology of Turkey

Istanbul Technical University (ITU)



Art and Science of Materiality in Architectural Design Education


Habitus Workshop

A habitus of the future

New materiality in architecture

Design intervention/mediation

March 28th – April 04th 2020

Istanbul Technical University (ITU) – Turkey

Architectural Design theme of habitus workshop

The MATERIART Istanbul Workshop focuses on the question of relating the notion of habitus to the future within the context of Istanbul and calls for design proposals for an intervention along the Golden Horn to support the creation and development of “a habitus of the future”. The Golden Horn (Haliç) is one of the waterways existent in the historic fabric of this metropolitan city, and a natural estuary that joins the Bosporus Strait at the point where it meets the Sea of Marmara.


Proposals are called for a design intervention/mediation in one of the selected regions along the Golden Horn that may develop an envisioned habitus of the future, particular to that place and its “inhabitants” at large, and also with regards to issues of new materiality in architecture. Based on critical analysis of the characteristics of the region/site past and present, its physical, cultural, and social structures, what would you propose, as architects, towards transforming it into a state that would afford people’s living in the ways of the envisioned future. 

Architectural Design theme of workshop is new small temporary devices with the capacity to carry out community activities of a social, educational and cultural nature in the area of intervention.

Admissibility requirements

Architecture and Design students that attending the third, fourth and fifth year of the five year course, first and second year of Master degree, graduating students and PhD students.

Knowledge of English is required.

To partecipate to the selection, it is required to entry a request of participation to the attention of prof. Paris ad Dean office, with the list of exams with evaluations, the weighted average and any further titles considered appropriate (e.g. portfolio, certificates, etc)


Number of available places

The maximum number of participants accepted is 5 students.


Contribution and travel organization

The students will receive a contribution of 500 € (for travel and subsistence expenses). The participants are free to book their own flights at their best convenience, compatible with the workshop dates



Three - six credits for extracurricular activities will be provided to the participants based on the posters of their courses of study.



21 st February 2020.

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